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Family Law and Court Service


We don't just sell houses!


Family and matrimonial work.

Relationship breakdowns are distressing for everyone, particularly children. The Kellas Partnership undertakes all aspects of family and matrimonial work, providing expertise in a friendly and constructive manner to help you make informed decisions about your children, home and financial affairs. Our experienced team of solicitors can determine what course of action is required and follow it through efficiently.


Free interview.

We offer a free 20-minute initial interview to establish your rights and entitlements.


Legal Aid.

We undertake legal advice and assistance / Legal Aid work to assist you financially while your problem is resolved.


Separation agreements and divorce action.

We can deal with separation agreements, which establish financial entitlements and / or responsibilities and childcare / contact arrangements. We also deal with divorce action and any pertinent court proceedings.

Should you find yourself in this situation we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice. You can contact any of the following solicitors (an appointment is not always necessary):


General Court work.

The Kellas Partnership offers sound advice on a large variety of legal matters. Our team of solicitors undertake civil court cases and can assist with employment disputes, debt collection and personal injury claims.



We will be able to ascertain whether you are entitled to legal advice and assistance / Legal Aid. If not, we will be able to provide you with a full breakdown of charges. We accept Switch and all major credit cards. Clients can pay an agreed amount by standing order, weekly or monthly.


The Kellas Partnership


Undertakes all aspects of family and matrimonial work.

The Kellas Partnership : Undertakes all aspects of family and matrimonial work