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Wills, Executries and Powers of Attorney


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It is extremely important to have a proper Will. We are often asked to resolve Estates where the deceased has written a home-made Will on a pre-printed form or a blank piece of paper. The outcome can be a legal minefield, and the Will may not be recognised in Law as valid. The consequences of not preparing a Will at all can be equally bad.

A straightforward Will covers:

  • appointment of Executors
  • provision of funeral instructions
  • division of the Estate
  • appointment of a Guardian for young children, if applicable
  • provision for a named beneficiary predeceasing
  • Trust provisions for a beneficiary who might be under age
  • powers of Trustees
  • domicile etc


Straightforward Will: based on one office meeting of up to 30 minutes
£150 plus VAT

Fee information correct as at October 2018



If someone has passed away leaving a Will a number of questions arise, such as:

  • who are the Executors?
  • what must they do to wind up the Estate?
  • can they wind it up themselves?
  • what are the personal responsibilities and liabilities of Executors?
  • is a solicitor required?
  • is there potential conflict amongst the beneficiaries?

If an Executor or Beneficiary has any doubts regarding the Estate of a deceased then a solicitor should be consulted.


Powers of Attorney.

Injury or ill-health can rob an individual of legal capacity. This means someone will have to take over responsibility of looking after that person’s financial and legal affairs, eg signing cheques. It is preferable for a spouse, son, daughter, or a combination of all three, to step in. We provide helpful and informed advice on Powers of Attorney.


The Kellas Partnership


Wills, Executries and Powers of Attorney.

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